Fake E-mails

Tuesday 22th June 2004
We have become aware that some one is using southampton-pubs.co.uk to issue fake e-mails.
These e-mails pretend to come from sales@southampton-pubs.co.uk or info@southampton-pubs.co.uk but do not originate from us.
These e-mails may also contain an attachment, most likely a virus, please delete it immediately and do not download the attachment.

If you feel your computer may be infected with a virus, we recommend you use an online virus scanner to check for problems, search for online scan or antivirus online in your favourite search engine.

More information about fake e-mails can be found at Ask-Leo
Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about these fake e-mails and can only re-iterate the advice given by all IT professionals:
Never download an e-mail attachment from someone who you don't know personally