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Page 5 (Year 2002)


Alaya and Lisa Dancing Lisa and Me in an Embrace! Eugene and Simon Kissing! Simon Posing below the Dogs Thingys Anton Spencer and Annette
Kelly in her Corner Sheila with a suggestive T-Shirt Spencer and Annette Karen all smiles The back of Spence and Tabs With Anton
Paul the guitarist (and Singer) Lou working as as Bouncer Ron is the Man! Ducan Plays Table Football Angie hugs a Man
Angie hugs Me Mel and Eugene Tracy makes an unexepected return A Crowd of Peaple at the Frog Sam and a friend
J and Sam (J = Jarvis or Jason) Clare and her Friend Lisa Ray and Alaya Alison (Alex) makes a welcome Return Lou on a Table
Stacie on a Table Hannah behind the Bar A better Photo of Kelly Kenny and Friend Sam and Sam (not sure which is which!)
Kerry with her Man Derek still getting it wrong Rod with a new beard Kerry hugs me! Emma and Rachel
Michelle dosn't want her photo taken Neil with Ali and friend Ally Anne Marie Big Al After Quaffing
Dawn Eugene's 30th Eugene with his Brother Some More Froggers Hayley
Imogen & Emma On a Table Jane and Sara Sam from behind Sindy & Michelle Steve

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