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Page 7 (Year 2003)


Ally and Annette Becky with Owen Long time frogger Claire Little Claire with shorter hair Pat and Mum(2b) Nicky Roger and Dawn Pete hiding behind Eugene Helen (Ginger) Another Max with her friend Max with Pete Stacey and Chris Rob and Max again Rob's wife Lora Our friend Stacy The Yellow Submarine Geoff with Bottle Sarah (21 today) and Victoria Lucy and Chris Lucy, Anne Marie and Carmen Hannah, Dawn and Becky
Adrain (the filth) Jane with beer The Brown Eyed Girl Group Claire and Stacey Crowded House Little Jo Pete in best Clobber Mick the DJ The Bar Supremo Ron Hannah Claire and Laura Claire and Robin Barbra the Bar Mangeress Annette and Max Clare from London in Crowd Stacy Chris with Orion The Frog and Frigate Gallery Page Sarah and the other half Some more pictures

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