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Page 8 Spring 2004


Chris Geoff and Claire Mick the DJ Steve Arnets On Guitar Bex and Daz Rose Andre Manda and Kay Lindsey Mary Johnny B Kev and Jenny Gary Myles Debbie and Steve Gideon Amanda and Sarah Kay Sonia and Manda Ears dancing the night away The Guitarist Paul Playing Simon getting a little shuteye
Fern and Kelly Tiggy with a newkey brown and grolsh Claire and Robin dancing on a table Jean and Karen Anne Marie and Lucy and Carmen Nick on Table Sam Jo Davin Charlie and Katherine Clare by the old Frog Sign The Singer Joe Doing his Stuff Kim and Kelly Andrea and Annette Lucy Lindsey And Matt Jason Kim Fern and Kelly Oliver (Oli) working Steve Arnots singing Kay, Maureen and Manda Lucy Kim and Emily

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