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Tors with her sister Beth Kelly with me Simon and Hugh Doormen The Doctor (Adam) and Sidekick Manda and Michelle Barbara and Matty Carrie and Leanne Becki Shaz(second attempt) Leanne Claire Chris (explains about Kung Fu) Orion Chris Claire Oli serving a drink Nikki and Danny I Finally get a picture with Carrie Kay Bar. Kay Bar. Going to take you to a Kay Bar Angie Drops in from Cardiff with Her sister Melanie Derek with friend and wife (Lorraine) Steve with two friends
Stacey Me and Chris More Angie and Melanie Simon, Michelle and Matt Nikki Liz and Bev Lorraine and Mike Alice and Chantel Jane with Friends Steve and Matt Steve and Eugene Stacey again Rachel and Emma Rob, Lou and Lucy Claire and Lou Lisa and Girlfriend Chris, Ben, Kelly and Dave Kelly and Dave Eugene and Ann Jo, Gary and Mick(DJ) Leanne and Andy

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